Pregnant Chrissy Teigen splits her trousers (and shares pics)

Thankfully a quick sewing job saved John Legend's wife from a complete wardrobe malfunction


You’d never have guessed it from this picture, but pregnant Chrissy Teigen narrowly missed having a complete wardrobe malfunction when she couldn’t fit in her trousers.


John Legend’s wife split out of the front of her pants and was pictured looking very unhappy about the situation.

But luckily someone was on hand with a needle and thread to make a quick adjustment to the orange flares, and she shared a before and after picture on Instagram to reveal the transformation…

Well, that’s much better! We have to say, in the early stages of pregnancy we tried all sorts to stay in our favourite pre-pregnancy trews as long as possible.

A hair bobble over the button can work wonders. It might be time to give up the tight trousers soon and submit to the maternity jeans though Chrissy.

Just be warned, once you’ve gone elastic waistband it’s hard to go back!

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