Pregnant Coronation Street star Samia Smith finds dead body

Real life drama for soap star as she discovers corpse in a van

Heavily pregnant Samia Smith, 27, who plays downtrodden hairdresser Maria Connor in Coronation Street, has found that dramatic events can go beyond a TV script.


After visiting relatives in Sale, Greater Manchester with her husband Matthew, the couple noticed a dog barking from inside a parked van. When they went to investigate, they made the gruesome discovery of a man’s body through the window.

The couple who are expecting their first baby together next month, were reportedly shocked and have refused to comment further.

Eight-month-pregnant Samia will no doubt have felt shocked by the discovery. Sudden extreme shocks to the body can rapidly increase your heart rate and blood pressure and so can be a health risk when you’re pregnant. In extreme cases, high levels of shock and stress can cause premature birth, low weight in babies and possibly asthma.


For advice on how to have a healthy, stress-free pregnancy take a look at our guide.

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