Pregnant Dannii Minogue shares her fashion secrets

Blooming gorgeous X Factor judge reveals how yellow is her pregnancy colour


Despite being six months pregnant with her first baby, singer and TV judge Dannii Minogue is yet to put a style step wrong. The burgeoning fashion queen always looks fabulous in her maternity gear, and with her brand new clothing range, Project D, having just launched and being the face of Marks & Spencer, Dannii’s wardrobe is definitely one you’d want to raid!


So how does she do it? Well, apparently her style choices weren’t always varied. “As a child, I never had new clothes. I always had hand-me-downs from Kylie or my brother Brendan,” 38-year-old Dannii revealed to the Daily Mail. “Knowing how to sew is a godsend when it comes to shortening, as I am petite and curvy.”

Clearly a firm believer in showing off your best assets, mum-to-be Dannii loves to flaunt her confident areas. “I like showing off my shoulders and neck, so I look for dresses that cut wide on the shoulders – such a sexy look.” However, when it comes to colour, the former singer confesses that her choices have become bolder since becoming pregnant. “Before I was pregnant, I would never have anything yellow around me and then I couldn’t get enough of it. I found out through practising meditation how the chakra colours relate to different parts of your body, and yellow covers exactly where my bump is.”

Due to give birth in July, Dannii’s baby bump is on in full bloom, so how does she manage to keep her style and dress her baby belly? “It can be hard sometimes to still feel like yourself when you’re dressing for your new shape, but it’s important that you’re open to new shapes and cuts,” she shared with the newspaper.


Who’s celebrity pregnancy style do you admire? We’d love to know.

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