Pregnant Helen Skelton’s dramatic London Fashion Week tumble

The presenter was left bleeding for '12 hours' after toppling off her heels


Oh – how we feel for poor Helen Skelton after hearing this news! The former Blue Peter presenter – who is currently holding the fort for Lorraine Kelly on GMB – has revealed how she took a very nasty tumble at a London Fashion Week event over the weekend. At 8 months pregnant. Eek. And what caused it? Her shoes!


And it would seem that Helen hadn’t been convinced by the suitability of her footwear before she’d even left the house, posting on Twitter:  ‘What to wear to a fashion show when 8 months’ pregnant….. the only thing that fits #LFW #heels #fashionscout’.

(We know how THAT feels when you’re expecting right? Feet so swollen that your shoe choices come down to either your fluffy slippers or some ridiculous, vertiginous heels that are actually usually too big and slip off your feet at every step. Not to mention HAVING to go out when you’d rather be on the sofa, stroking your enormous bump and eating chocolate!).

But off she valiantly trotted in her pointy grey courts, only to come a cropper on a flight of stairs before she even took her seat alongside the catwalk. 

“Don’t ask for the goodie bag before you sit down… Don’t fall down the stairs… I don’t think I will be invited back… My knee’s been bleeding for 12 hours!” she later told GMB’s fashion correspondent Mark Heyes.

Ouch! We’re just really relieved that it was only a bleeding knee of course – it must have been a horrible thing for Helen to go through while pregnant. Even the slightest trip can leave you frantic when you’re expecting, can’t it?

Helen, 33, is expecting her second baby with her rugby star husband Richie Myler next month, and is already mum to 20-month old Ernie.

What’s the betting those heels won’t be making up many more of her maternity outfits as she counts down to D-day?


Pics: Helen Skelton Instagram & Twitter

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