Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa hides her bump on EastEnders

TV actress is no longer able to fit into the jeans of her soap character Lauren Branning!


EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa may be pregnant, but she still has the tricky job of playing her non-pregnant character Lauren in the BBC1 soap. At 24 weeks pregnant, the mum-to-be is finally beginning to show.


“It’s finally happened, Lauren’s jeans officially do not fit me!” she tweeted this morning.

A spokeswoman for EastEnders told MFM that Lauren will “obviously need to be written out at some point”. But there were no further details on when or how just yet.

In Friday night’s Halloween episode (pictured above), Jacqueline cleverly conceals her bump with a pillow while sitting on the sofa with her on-screen sister Abi.

But, she can’t carry a pillow around for every scene, so how else will she hide her pregnancy from Albert Square? We have some suggestions:

  • Getting a job at the Queen Vic and standing behind the bar pulling pints
  • Doing her washing at the laundrette and folding sheets in front of her
  • Carrying a large handbag while shopping down the market

How else do you think Jacqueline could hide her bump from the cameras? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Photo: BBC

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