Pregnant Jessica Simpson talks gushing fluids

Jessica gives another less than flattering description of her pregnancy as she threatens to wreck Jimmy Kimmel’s carpet


Jessica Simpson and pregnancy is a match made in comedy gold heaven. From talk of pregnancy flatulence through to junk food cravings, she certainly hasn’t held back. 


Speaking to US TV host Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s late night show, Jess dropped another clangor – much to our delight.  “Apparently I have a lot of amniotic fluid, so whenever my water breaks it will be like a fire hydrant!” the 31-year-old exclaimed. After Jimmy joked he hoped it didn’t happen on the show, Jess quipped, “I’d hate to ruin this beautiful carpet.”

Chat show hosts will start heading for the hills at this rate. Last week Jess told Ellen DeGeneres she felt like she has a bowling ball on her “hoo-ha!” But, after hoards continue to speculate Jess’ huge bump means she’s having twins, she seems to enjoy setting the record straight.

After admitting to Ellen her due date is April 20 and she’s ready to push, we’d suggest American talk show hosts avoid booking her that day, unless they fancy a set re-design.


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