Pregnant Katie Price angered after being “refused” sunbed session by salon

It has been reported that Katie Price has been left feeling ‘abnormal’ after allegedly being refused a sunbed session by a salon because she is pregnant


The Daily Mirror has reported that salon owner Abi Williams from Tan Fx in Caterham, Surrey, posted on Facebook that she had refused Katie Price a sunbed session, writing, “She is quite heavily ­pregnant. Apparently salons near her do (let her use sunbeds) but, as much as she’s a great ­customer, it’s not worth the risk.”


Abi went on to say, “It’s not against the law, but I run a tight ship and she wouldn’t be insured… hopefully see her again once she has had her baby!” The salon owner later deleted the post.

A spokesperson for Katie, 35, then told The Daily Mail that the model got her tan elsewhere and insisted it was a perfectly safe procedure for a mum-to-be.

The Daily Mail reported “Katie went to another salon where she was not treated as though she were abnormal simply ­because she is ­pregnant,” her representative said. “Katie has taken ­medical ­advice on this issue and is happy that ­occasional short use of sunbeds is not an issue ­during ­pregnancy.”

The NHS website has lots of information about tanning during pregnancy and warns against use of sunbeds during pregnancy as your skin is more sensitive and so more likely to burn. 

The website also explains that changing hormone levels will also make you more prone to skin pigmentation (colouration). Dark, irregular patches of skin called chloasma sometimes appear on your face. This can be a sign that your skin will react more strongly to UV rays. If you sunbathe or use a sunbed, the dark patches are likely to increase.

As for your unborn baby, although there is currently no clear evidence about the effect of UV rays from sunbeds on an unborn baby, some studies suggest that there may be a link between increased UV rays and a folic acid deficiency. This is because UV rays can break down folic acid.

Katie is expecting her baby with her new husband Kieran Hayler. This will be her fourth child.

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