Pregnant Lily Allen’s countdown to labour

Lily’s tweets reveal she’s close to giving birth


Pregnant Lily Allen has been pretty busy on her Twitter account over the Christmas hols, almost literally tweeting down the days to her due date.


Being somewhat ‘open’ with her tweets, Lily turned the spotlight-of-shame on popular high street store John Lewis writing, “Wow @johnlewisretail 2 deliveries not delivered with no explanation in 2 days. Thanks, glad I’m not manically nesting or anything!!!!” While we’re obviously concerned for Lily’s missing tea canisters and water hyacinth towel baskets, we’re far more interested in the fact that Lily’s nesting and preparing for her second mini Cooper – exciting!

The Christmas and pregnancy combo seemed to get to Lily by the 29th December (well all the choocies are normally gone by then, eh?!) and she told followers, “End of my tether. #christmas #family #f**kingpregnant #aaarrrrggghhhh”.

Eating a hot curry, taking a long walk and having sex have long been quoted as ways to help kick start labour. By the 31st of December it looks as though Lily was turning to these so-called Old Wives’ Tales to bring on her own labour tweeting, “Castor oil”, which is also said to help labour to start. Clearly keen to get on with things Lily added, “2013 is gonna be big. I’m only planning on spending a few days of it pregnant. Unlike the last 3 years.”

Yesterday Lily hinted again that she’s close to labour day joking that hubby Sam Cooper has been busy making her a Pantera mix cd to take to the birthing suite – because heavy metal rock is just what a girl needs while focusing on breathing…

Surprisingly, being the huge Twitter fan that she is, Lily famously went quiet on her account after the birth of her first daughter Ethel Mary, only tweeting the popular hash tag “#amazeballs” with no mention of her daughter’s name, how labour was or whether she was back home. We bargain something similar will happen this year – so chances are when the tweets go quiet, Lily’s welcomed her second baby. Watch this space…


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