Pregnant Lily Allen’s weird and wonderful parenting tweets

Lily's cheeky pregnancy tweets give us a glimpse into her life as a mum and mum-to-be


Maternity wear musing…

Pregnant Lily Allen, who’s already mum to 10-month-old Ethel Mary, is known for her cheeky and often funny tweets, so we’ve scouted around to bring you a round up of the weird and wonderful things to come from Lily’s keyboard.


This morning Lily took to Twitter to say, “Hmmm…. What to wear today, or ahem, how to hide my shameful baby bump.”

We all know Lily’s not afraid to tweet her strong opinions, so whoever called a baby bump ‘shameful’ had better watch out!


Savvy mummy shopper…

The queen of Twitter also took to the social netwoking site to reveal her burgeoning baby bump on a recent shopping trip to Morocco. 

The popstar tweeted “This is me and Maryam of @MyMarrakesh who took me shopping in marrakesh and showed me all this amazing stuff.”

It’s got us wondering if she bought anything for her new baby?!


Baby brain…

The pregnant star often takes to Twitter to offload her dismay at the downsides of pregnancy – which is something we can really relate to!

Lily tweeted back in August, “Half of my brain doesn’t work and I can’t walk in heels anymore.#havingbabies”.

Here at MFM we applaud Lily’s candidness about ‘baby brain‘, which is often blamed for forgetfulness and absentmindedness during pregnancy.


Teething trials…

Lily who’s expecting her second baby with husband Sam Cooper, revealed back in July that she’s got her hands full with 10-month-old daughter Ethel Mary, who’s teething.

Never one to mince her words, Lily tweeted, “F**k teething”. Which is probably what Ethel would want to say, if she could!

Lily also shared a hilarious parenting mishap with her followers, “Aaaargh, just wrapped my freshly washed hair up in a baby wee sodden towel. #WINNING.”

“*getsbackinshower*”, she added. Aw, poor Lil!


Buggy and boobs…

Back in April, after keeping schtum about the birth of daughter Ethel, all our Christmasses came at once when Lily tweeted a snap of her buggy of choice!

The singer also tweeted a hint about the buggy she’s got her eye on for baby number 2!

Lily Allen might have kept tight lipped about the name of her new baby girl, Ethel Mary, but the same can’t be said of her leaking boobs.

The pop star ‘fessed up to her embarassing breastfeeding moments saying, “I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley”.

Depsite the embarrassment Lily still seemed pretty chuffed tweeting that breastfeeding is “BEAUTIFUL!!!!!” and describing her boobs as “not just #sexyfunbags, they be [sic] feeding implements too.”


All in all we’re loving Lily’s cheeky and candid tweets! Keep ’em coming Lil!

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