Pregnant ‘man’ Thomas Beattie gives birth again

Second baby for transsexual Thomas, while Spanish male mum loses twins


Thomas Beattie, the American transsexual who caught the media’s attention by becoming the first pregnant man, has given birth to a second child, says the Mirror. The baby boy joins sister Susan, who was born last July.


Thomas, 35, was born Tracey Lagondino. He underwent a sex change op in his 20s, but kept his ovaries. He is married to wife Nancy.

Transsexual Ruben Noe Coronado, 25, was expecting twin boys in September but has suffered a miscarriage, the Telegraph has reported the Spanish newspaper El Mundo as saying.

Ruben was born a female, named Estefania, and still has some female sex organs. After his female partner found out she couldn’t have any more children, Ruben paused the sex change process so he could conceive by artificial insemination. He planned to finish his sex change operation after the birth of the twins.

“I started having a few problems this week. There were days when my belly was a little low and I was surprised. I went to the doctor and I had to undergo a surgical scrapping,” Ruben is quoted as saying in El Mundo.


Rubens will try to get pregnant again, further delaying his sex change.

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