Pregnant mum can’t stop eating furniture polish

Mum-to-be admits to strange, and dangerous, pregnancy cravings for toxic household cleaning products, dusters and polish


A heavily pregnant woman from Birmingham has admitted that she has a weird, and potentially dangerous, pregnancy craving – furniture polish.


Emma Veness, 26, is seven months pregnant and drawn to eating polish and household cleaning products at least three times a day and can’t control them, despite being aware that the toxins in the products could harm her unborn baby.

Emma’s strong cravings started when she was two months pregnant and it finds her desperately searching for cleaning product “snacks” from under the sink late at night, sniffing dusters, licking the cans and even drinking the polish.

“I can’t explain why I like it, I think it has a lot to do with the texture and how it feels in my mouth. I normally spray a bit on my fingers and lick it off, or I spray a bit on a duster and suck it,” Emma told the Daily Mail.

Emma even has a preference to what type of polish she likes eating best. “It’s quite embarrassing; I’ve tried all different brands but Asda Smart Price polish is the one that does it for me. The others are too perfume,” Emma said.

The pregnant mum-of-one consulted her GP, who told her she is suffering from a rare eating disorder Pica.

“I feel so guilty about doing it as I don’t know if it’s harming my baby, but I could have a million chocolate bars and it wouldn’t make a difference. When I want polish, it’s the only thing that will do.”

Did you have any weird pregnancy cravings?

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