Poor Denise Van Outen. First of all the TV presenter and new mum found herself in the headlines after admitting that she gave up breastfeeding her baby daughter Betsy and now it seems that she is under scrutiny again – for going back to work.

While it’s every new mum’s choice to head back into the workplace after giving birth, heavily pregnant actress Natalie Cassidy believes that being a mum is a job, and hasn’t held her tongue in saying so!

“Denise Van Outen went back to work after two weeks because she said she needed to feel normal again,” Natalie, 27, said in an interview with New magazine. “I just think, ‘What did you have a child for? Having a child is your job.’” Blaming her old-fashioned upbringing as the reasons why she holds these views, Natalie continued to say, “It’s my mum coming out in me.”

No word on how Denise, 36, feels about Natalie’s outburst, but we wonder if there might be a bit of DVO-envy in the Cassidy camp… what do you think?