Pregnant Pope myth – now a movie

The story of pregnant Pope Joan is being uncovered in the film 'La Papessa' – some say it's a true tale, but others are adamant it's just a myth.


For a long time the story of the female Pope who disguised herself as a man and became pregnant has been brushed aside as a myth, but now the tale is about resurface as a movie, La Papessa.


Featuring actors John Goodman and German actress Johanna Wokalek, the film tells the story of a woman named Joan who convinced the Vatican that she was a man named John Anglicus and ruled as a Pope for over two years. However, her cover was blown when she became pregnant and gave birth in the street – during a procession dressed in her full papal regalia.

The identity of the supposed female Pope was unveiled, despite one of her entourage claiming that the untimely birth was an act of God that gave men the power to have babies.


This feature-length film about Pope Joan claims that it’s a ‘true story’. However, the Vatican in Rome has denied the ongoing claims that the story is a real.


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