Pregnant Sam Bailey celebrates emotional Mother’s Day

Album goes to No 1 but Sam spends day with her much-missed two children


Sam Bailey celebrated a bittersweet Mother’s Day yesterday as her debut album hit number 1 in the UK chart – but the mum-of-2 said leaving the kids to tour is ‘heartbreaking’.


Sam revealed that while her singing career takes off it’s more important than ever to make time for her family on Mother’s Day.

She said: “It isn’t about me ­sitting in bed and being spoilt rotten.

“I just want to be with my kids doing what they want to do.

“It’s amazing to be touring the country performing and having all this success but the sacrifice I have to make is not seeing my kids every day, which can be heartbreaking.

“This day is all about spending every minute with them.”

Talking to the Sunday People, Sam said she’d celebrate the day at her local bowling alley with hubby Craig and their children Brooke, 8, and Tommy, 4.

Sam, 36, said: “It will be amazing to be No1 and if I hear my mobile go off I’ll answer it but if I’m taking my bowling turn or buying drinks for the kids I’ll probably miss the call.

“And to be honest, I think the kids would be more excited about getting a perfect strike.”

New Year’s Eve ‘quickie’

Never one to shy away from personal details, Sam’s also revealed how she conceived her third child.

The mum-to-be told the Daily Star Sunday: “It was New Year’s Eve before I went out to perform at G-A-Y club.

“We were staying in a hotel around the corner and I said, ‘Come on we have five minutes, let’s go!’ We’ve been married for ten years so there is no romance any more.

“The other half is into it much more than I am. I would prefer to watch EastEnders!” she joked.

Woah, we’re not sure if that’s too much information Sam!

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