Dads are bonding over having a pregnant partner with hilarious #pregnantwife hashtag

"Sooo my wife just sent me a calendar invite for each piece of our bedding she wants me to wash... I'm proud and terrified" #pregnantwife ?


Ahhh, pregnancy: a joyous and baffling time for many of us.


Body changes, hormone changes, not to mention appetite changes (why on earth do I fancy strawberries and marmite at 3am?) ?

And if you’re lucky enough to have a trusty partner going through it all by your side, it can be equally, mind-blowingly confusing for them, too.

But thanks to the #pregnantwife hashtag on Twitter, partners can unite in solidarity over the sometimes strange requests their pregnant loved ones have for them.

We picked out a few that made us laugh and got us nodding in total agreement…


“Take the toothpaste and go brush in the room, I want to wee”..1 min later..”WHERE’S THE TOOTHPASTE!!?!” #PregnantWife”

Or how about this:


“When your wife calls you at work and asks you to come home early to help her take off her shoes #PregnantWife”

And, with a Christmas twist, there’s this:


“When your wife is nesting and wants to let to tree fluff out a few weeks before hanging ornaments, you put it up Nov 7. #pregnantwife”

And of course, those last-minute food cravings….


“Sent out for sugar cookies with Halloween characters on them and returned with a spicy chicken from Wendy’s. #pregnantwife”


What do you think?

Would you partner liked to have joined in some chat like this when you were pregnant? What would he have said?

We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Images: Twitter

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