Pregnant woman refused glass of wine at Liverpool bar

The barman said he didn’t want it ‘on his conscience’


Mum-to-be Jane Hampson, 37, was looking forward to the one small glass of red wine she allows herself a week when she was “humiliated” by an uncooperative bartender.


The barman at Pi Bar in Liverpool said: “Sorry, but I can’t serve you.

“I refuse to have serving alcohol to pregnant women on my conscience.”

Jane, who was out for a meal with her partner, challenged the bartender to no avail and, embarrassed, left the bar.

Current NHS advice states that pregnant women should drink no more than 1-2 units of alcohol once or twice a week, the equivalent of a 125ml glass of wine.

Jane said: “I couldn’t believe it – it was so humiliating.

“There is no way I would endanger my unborn baby yet it was being insinuated that I was doing just that and being irresponsible.

“At the time the bar was packed and all the customers were looking over at us to see what all the commotion was about. We felt we had no choice but to leave because it was so embarrassing.

“The fact I am pregnant was none of his business.

“I have done extensive research on the effects of drinking alcohol when pregnant and the fact is there’s nothing wrong with having a small glass of wine every week.

“I have enjoyed a small glass of red wine with a meal once a week throughout my pregnancy but it’s not been every week.”

Ben Reynolds, area manager of Pi Bar said: “I would like to state that we have no company policy on the serving or not serving of alcohol to pregnant people. Why would we? – it’s none of our business.

“What occurred was simply the result of a junior member of staff making a mistake and getting his wires crossed.

“He is deeply sorry for upsetting Ms Hampson and assures me that he was not, as I fear she believes, making a judgment on her, but rather thought for some reason, despite his training, that licensing laws forbade the serving of alcohol to pregnant people.”

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