Pregnant woman saves her baby’s life while in a coma

Colvina Jolina and her baby were give just a 10% chance to live


It’s a story that proves a mum’s love knows no bounds. A pregnant woman was able to save her unborn daughter’s life – while she was in a coma.


Colvina Jolina stunned doctors when she pointed towards her stomach despite having collapsed and lost consciousness.

The 27-year-old suffered a stroke while 23 weeks pregnant and passed out on the floor of her home in Chichester, West Sussex. She was rushed to Southampton General Hospital where mum-to-be and baby were given just a 10% chance of survival.

But as she lay in a coma, Colvina lifted her hand and touched her stomach. Her partner Matthew rushed to get doctors – who found the baby was in immediate danger. Colvina’s heart rate had dropped and not enough oxygen was getting to the baby.

Thanks to Colvina’s unconscious gesture, doctors performed an emergency caesarean and baby Maia was born weighing just 3lbs.

“All I remember was people talking to me and rushing around me and it all sounded like mumbo jumbo to me,” she said.

“After they delivered her and when I finally woke up, I was told by the doctors that I was running out of time and so they had to save my baby in any way possible.

“I’m just so glad they saved her, she’s everything to me.”

A week later the new mum came out of her coma and was transferred to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth where she was taken to meet her new daughter. But despite being unconscious for the birth, she knew her baby was alive.

“I can’t explain it. I knew straight away she was mine,” she said.

“I turned to my mum and just said ‘that’s your granddaughter’ and my mum cried.”

Baby Maia has made a full recovery and Colvina has temporarily moved in with her mum, who’s helping care for Maia until she is more mobile.

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