Pregnant woman saves husband from crocodile attack

Brave mum-to-be Kerryn Munro pulls partner from the jaws of 9ft reptile


After taking an evening stroll around the White Umfolzi river in South Africa, Lawrence Munro decided to dip his toes in the shallow part of the river. What he didn’t know was that a hungry crocodile was lurking beneath ready to attack! After being grabbed by the foot and dragged nearer the water by the river croc, his pregnant wife Kerryn managed to rescue him.


“Kerryn grabbed under my arm and around my neck and started pulling. Eventually the croc let go,” 33-year-old Lawrence told the Daily Telegraph. Discovering that their radio had fallen into the river during the attack, courageous supermum-to-be Kerryn ran to the nearest base camp for help.

“She’s five months pregnant and a small thing, so she’s resting after it all,” a spokesman for the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife camp said. “Lawrence ended up being in a sandwich with the croc at one end and Kerryn at the other!”


Praising his pregnant wife’s bravery, Lawrence was thankful that the hungry croc grabbed his feet rather than hers. “I am just glad Kerry was with me and able to help me get away from the croc. If she hadn’t have been there, the ending would have been bad.”

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