A pregnant woman excited to share pictures from her maternity photoshoot with friends was shocked when she was reported to Facebook for nudity.


Catherine Kelsey, 28, is expecting a baby boy in a few weeks and shared the professional photos with friends on her private Facebook page.

An anonymous complaint then popped up on the social media site stating the picture violated Facebook's nudity standards.


The baby will be Catherine's 3rd child with her husband Simon and she had the photos taken to celebrate what she's planning to be her last pregnancy.

"We were a bit surprised that someone reported the baby bump pictures as we're really happy with them," Catherine from Hull, East Yorkshire, said.

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"It's sad to think that someone is offended by something so natural and lovely.

"Having had 2 difficult pregnancies, I wanted to do something that I could enjoy and celebrate and remember."


The mum of 2 added: "During the photo shoot I had to stop repeatedly to be sick in the poor photographer's mop bucket.

"So we were really pleased with the results, considering."

Catherine explained why the photos were so important to her: "I wanted to get them done as I know that I will never look like this again.

"With my first pregnancy we did our own cast, which we also had to stop midway due to sickness.

"We wanted a way to celebrate my pregnancy and share our joy and excitement with all of our friends and family.

"It is such a shame that someone has taken offence to them. I don't know what they will make of my breastfeeding pictures in a few weeks' time."


Facebook confirmed in a message to Catherine that no rules had been breached. It read: "Your photo was reported for violating Facebook's community standards on nudity. Since it doesn't violate this community standard, it wasn't removed."

Her husband Simon added: "It is sad to think somebody believes this is worth reporting. These pictures aren't rude or crude, but clearly someone doesn't agree.

"We believe these photos are beautifully done - Catherine is proud of her bump."

Speaking about what the couple thought of the complaint, Simon added: "We are not angry with the complaint, just vaguely amused and disappointed."

Photos: SWNS

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