Is that an elbow? Or a teeny tiny foot? Youch!


We all know that towards the end of your pregnancy, your baby can suddenly stick out an arm or foot that changes the shape of your bump. But this video of a pregnant woman's moving baby bump is one of the most dramatic we've ever seen.

The incredible movements of her baby's limbs sticking right out of her belly have shocked and amazed social media, and now the 47-second YouTube clip has gone viral.


It's led to some questioning whether the astonishing footage was actually real.

"Yes it was real," says Cel Liam, who posted the video on YouTube. "I did not think when taking in the video that he would do this to me. But it does not hurt at all."

Cel Liam titled the video 'Grossesse ventre qui bouge' (bebe alien), which translates from French to mean 'Moving pregnancy belly (alien baby)'. Let's be honest, we can understand why she may be suggesting a link with, dare we say, John Hurt's tummy in the movie Alien.

Some, bless, have been a bit terrified by the baby's movements.

One posted, "Is this what I have to look forward to?

“Cause his lil movements I can deal with, but this will have me freaking out!"

Watch for yourself in the full video below...

Did your baby cause visible movements in the last stages of pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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