Pregnant women head to art museum for “intra-womb education”

Russian mums-to-be have been heading to antenatal art appreciation classes for their babies

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Mums-to-be in St Petersburg, Russia, have been attending one of the city’s art museums in the belief that their unborn babies will benefit, reports Sky News.

The pregnant women are taking tours around the art works in an attempt to help themselves have cultured babies. The tours centre on gentler art works – war, pain and death are avoided.

The concept comes from prenatal psychology. Dr Marina Komova, who came up with the idea, thinks that babies have a strong link with the outside world, even when they’re still inside their mum’s womb.


“In our lectures the women and babies feel good. The babies can hear what’s being said,” said Dr Marina. “It’s called intra-womb education. It helps widen the babies’ understanding of the world.”

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