Pregnant women twerk in new Kmart Christmas ad

Must-see video with baby bumps dancing to Santa Baby



Well, this is something you don’t see every day… 5 pregnant women twerking in their Christmas pyjamas! The professional dancers are all in their third trimester and dance with their baby bumps to Santa Baby while promoting Joe Boxer’s women’s pyjamas at US store Kmart.

Casting for the ad wasn’t easy. The dancers needed to be “really pregnant”, Kmart’s Diane Vaccaro told USA Today. So, besides the 5 women in the commercial, the company cast 2 more pregnant women — who learned all of the dance moves — just in case any of the others gave birth before the filming was complete. Some people believe that dancing is one of the ways that help to kickstart labour.

Since the ad was filmed last month, at least one of the women has given birth, and most of them are expected to have their children by Christmas.

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