Personal trainer and mum to Ruby Tatiana, 6m, Carly Cole, 25, is married to England footballer Joe. We catch up with her to hear all about life as a new mum and how she loves to take Ruby for a swim.


As a personal trainer with a FABULOUS figure, was it hard to see your body changing throughout your pregnancy?

I was very happy to give my body over to my pregnancy - to just let go and let it do what came naturally. I changed my fitness routine accordingly as I got bigger, but I'm always changing what I do anyway - from climbing to swimming to yoga. Yoga was really good during pregnancy, actually, as the beathing techniques really helped with the birth. I had a 16 hour labour, so I needed a lot of energy for that! It was nice to keep fit and active, but I didn't overdo it.

How has life changed now you're a parent?

You feel like a completely different person. Ruby is my priority - nothing else matters. The bond you form with your baby is overwhelming. In the early days I let my routine be completely dictated by Ruby, and if I didn't have a shower until 4pm, then so be it! I also slept whenever she did. My best friend had a baby two months before I did, and she was brilliant at giving me loads of tips. It's so nice because we can share stages.

Is Joe a doting dad?

He's brilliant - really supportive. We get out and about as a family as much as we can.

As a fitness expert and new mum, what would you say to other new mums looking to get back in shape?

Don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises! It's really important and will help you get a nice flat stomach, too. I'm doing a lot of walking with Ruby, and I'm also taking her swimming - it's a great way to be active with your baby, and to get out and meet other mums. It's good to get your baby used to water from a young age - I was in the pool from 9 months old and I really wanted to start early with Ruby, too. Joe's a confident swimmer too, so hopefully she'll follow in our footsteps. To know she's confident in the water will put my mind at rest when she's older - you know how kids love to fling themselves around the swimming pools when you're on holiday!

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Did are feel worried about taking ruby swimming for the first time?

I think like all new mums I did find it daunting the first time but I think that really helped was being prepared and making sure I’d done everything beforehand: visiting the pool beforehand, knowing where the changing rooms where and also that the pool was a baby friendly approved pool was a huge help. You can check this out online.

Do the 3 of you go swimming as a family?

Not yet, but we’re really looking forward to going swimming together as a family this summer – it’s something that Joe really enjoys too, so it’s definitely something we’ll do.


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