You probably remember playing playground games like tag when you were young, but it seems these traditional and classic outdoor games are at risk of disappearing due to health and safety rules.

A primary school in Hackney, East london, has banned its 420 pupils from playing tag in the playground due to safety concerns.

The school's move to halt the tradtional playground game has upset some of the parents, according to a report in The Telegraph.

"It's a game that's played in playgrounds up and down the country. We should be encouraging excercise, not curtailing it," said Lionel Hives, a dad.

"All the evidence suggests exercise in the playground is an important part of children's ability to focus on schoolwork for the rest of the day."

Children around the world have played the game tag since Roman times, and studies have shown that active children perform better at school and that primary school children are increasingiy becoming too inactive.

We'd love to know what do you think about the crackdown on playtime activites? Has your little one's school stopped any games in particular? And, what were your favourite games when you were a nipper?

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