Prince George and Princess Charlotte go mad for bubbles and balloons in Canada

The young royals have been officially ADORABLE during their parents' tour of the country...


As if you needed any more proof, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are officially adorable.


The 3-year-old mini monarch and his 1-year-old sister have been wowing the world with their cuteness on the family’s official royal tour of Canada.

To kick things off, Prince George denied Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a high five or a handshake… resulting in a pretty LOLworthy video.

In his defence, he’d just come off a rather long flight. And we all KNOW how kids just loveeeee plane journeys ?

It was actually pretty sweet… and Justin took the royal rejection pretty well.

But once the young Prince overcame his shyness/tiredness, he seemed quick to start enjoying the family trip – especially when attending an outdoor party for family members of the Canadian military.

Luckily, Kensington Palace’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts documented all the fun.

George was photographed blowing bubbles, later joining lil sis Princess Charlotte in selecting a balloon animal…


According to Vanity Fair, Charlotte got a teddy bear and a flower, meanwhile George asked for a spider and a volcano.

The same piece also reports that the balloon-maker himself, a man named Paul Kilshaw, revealed that Prince George wasn’t feeling the balloon animals – until he saw lil sis getting one of her own, of course!

Paul also said that Prince George was very ‘proud’ to share his knowledge about volcanoes, pointing out the balloon’s ‘lava’ to him.

Princess Charlotte even spoke her ‘first word on camera’ during the festivities – she reportedly said ‘pop’ while playing with all the balloons.

She was also filmed seemingly trying to knock down a balloon pillar.

Awww ?


Finally, in a photographer’s attempt to capture the sweetest picture of all time… Princess Charlotte was snapped with her mum, Duchess Kate Middleton, hugging a bunny rabbit named Smores.


See? We told you these two were officially precious! 

Which would your little one go for: mesmerising bubbles like Prince George or creative balloon animals like Princess Charlotte? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Images: Instagram/Kensington RoyalTwitter/Kensington Royal

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