Laughing and playing in the snow – it looks like everyone was having a right old laugh on Princess Charlotte's first family holiday.


Prince William and Kate Middleton took their brood on a short ski break in the French Alps last week for their first holiday as a family of 4.

Both parents are keen skiers and George, 2, and Charlotte, who will be 1 in May, will eventually learn to ski.

But for now, it seems they're happy to just play in the snow.


Wearing a white snowsuit and adorable pink bobble hat, rosy-cheeked Charlotte has the widest smile, showing off 2 front teeth.

Meanwhile, George grinned in his blue ski jacket and red bobble hat.


But it wasn't just the kids that enjoyed the sight of all that snow.

Kate and Wills were having a great time too throwing snowballs and dancing...


Awww. Can we come on your next holiday?

Photos: Twitter / Kensington Palace

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