Prince George joins playgroup and causes havoc!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's 8-month-old son wows everyone with his adventurous charm – even if he does pinch a few toys off another baby and pull a bit too enthusiastically on mum Kate’s hair


Prince George joined a baby playgroup in New Zealand and – like any curious 8-month-old – caused absolute havoc.


On the third day of his royal tour with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George was taken to Government House, Wellington, where his parents had a meet and greet with other new parents and their young children.

The wriggly 8-month-old crawled around and waved his arms and kicked his legs in excitement when he spotted the other babies.

The boisterous tot reportedly even snatched a wooden doll from one of his playmates – luckily, Kate was on hand to encourage George to share before there were any tears!

When Kate and Wills chatted to other new parents, they revealed their son is sleeping well and has moved on to solid food.

“George honed in on certain toys and took the ones that he wanted. No-one was going to stand in his way,” said Grant Collinge, 38, who, with his partner Magda Gurbowicz, 35, met the royal family.

“We chatted to the Duke first and asked about how they and George were coping with the jet lag.

“We spoke to the Duchess about group play. She said George had never played with so many babies before.

“She said it was the most amount of babies there’d ever been in a room with George. He does see other babies, but not many in a group like this.”

Grant also added that he could see that George has about 4 or 5 teeth coming through.

Another parent found out that Prince William gives George his bottle at night, and puts him to bed.

At one point, Kate held George on her hip as the teething tot pulled on her hair and put it in his mouth. Ouch! We’ve so been there, haven’t you?

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