Prince George ‘saves’ primary school

The 1-year-old prince is already exercising amazing royal influence, it seems...


A small village primary school in Wiltshire has been ‘saved from closure’ by Prince George. Chirton village school was under threat of closure because not enough parents were enrolling their children in classes.


But then a group of pupils wrote letters to Prince William and Kate, telling them how much they love their school and trying to persuade them to enrol Prince George when he’s old enough.

The letters were written by 11 pupils, aged from 7 to 11, as part of their topic on persuasive writing. And Wills and Kate must have been impressed by their work – because each child received a personal reply to their letter, along with a photo of William, Kate and baby George.

And the resulting excitement over the royal replies gave the school huge amounts of publicity – and prompted loads more parents to apply for a place for their child.

“The story got a lot of publicity and certainly got people talking about us, which is a good thing,” the school’s associate head Bekker Wrench told the Wiltshire Gazette.

The ‘Prince George effect’ has meant most villagers are now making the village school their top choice for their child, and Chirton school been brought back from the brink of closure – doubling its size to 45 pupils.

The school is now in discussion with the local council about plans to expand. Hurrah!

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