Prison for mum who left 2-year-old daughter alone

Mum sent to prison after leaving daughter aged 2 home alone while she went shopping.


Kelly Grimes, 28, from Wiltshire, left her toddler alone at home for more than four hours while she went out shopping with the toddler’s grandma in September last year.


Neighbours called the police, and the girl was found crying in her cot, wearing a dirty nappy and holding an empty bottle. She had on a thick wool cardigan and the heating had been left on, too.

Mum Kelly was arrested when she returned home from the shopping trip.

Judge Charles Wade told the mum: “That is an appalling thing to do to a child of this age, even wicked.” The court heard that it wasn’t the first time Kelly had left her daughter alone. She admitted neglecting her child and causing unnecessary suffering.

Kelly has been sentenced to nine months. Her daughter has been taken away by social services, and is now with foster parents.


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