Protective dad Robbie worries daughter will meet ‘someone like me’

Singer opens up about his fears for Teddy


Robbie Williams has admitted he’s worried about his daughter Teddy growing up and meeting someone like him.


And that’s what his latest single, Go Gentle, is all about, according to the Daily Mail.

“[The track is about being] worried she might meet someone like me – and what she should do if she does,” he says.

Robbie’s been enjoying fatherhood since Theodora (or Teddy, for short) was born in September last year. “So far so good,” he says. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to love her and care for her.

“There aren’t many great adverts for marriage or parenthood. It always looks so stressful and that’s what I’ve been scared of. What you don’t realise is how much you’re going to get back.”

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