Puppy rescued after toddler flushes him down the loo

Firemen have to call Dyna-Rod to save puppy flushed away by a 4 year old.




A toddler who flushed his cocker spaniel down the toilet because he wanted “to give him a wash”, was delighted when his puppy was saved by Dyna-Rod.

Four-year-old Daniel Blair’s pooch got stuck in the waste pipe after being flushed down the pan. Daniel and his mum could hear the pup’s distressed whining but didn’t know how to rescue him, so they called the fire brigade.

However, the firemen weren’t able to reach the dog, so drain unblockers, Dyno-Rod, were contacted. They used a special drain camera to spot the pup, which was then gently nudged along the pipe until firemen could grab him.

Daniel’s mum said, “I never thought a dog could survive being flushed down the loo. He’s a real little fighter.”
The pooch has been named Dyno after his rescuers and Daniel has promised never to do it again!


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