Pushchairs take priority over wheelchairs on public transport?

Bus driver stops disabled woman boarding, claiming buggies take priority


In the latest development of the pushchairs on public transport debate, wheelchair-bound Irene Dawson has claimed a bus driver prevented her boarding his Bristol bus service, saying “pushchairs take priority”.


Back in March, the Department for Transport (DfT) released guidelines relating to the division of space between buggies and wheelchairs on public transport. Wheelchairs are given priority and parents asked to fold down buggies if the need arises.

Justin Davies, representing First Bus that operates the service in Bristol, has since apologised and urged mums to take their toddlers out of buggies if someone needs the space for a wheelchair. “We would like the wheelchair user to have priority on the journey,” he explained.


Have you had any pushchair problems on local transport? Do you park or fold away or do you have a better idea? Let us know below!


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