US actress Rachel Bilson is pretty private about her home life. The Last Kiss and The O.C. star is mum to 2-year-old daughter Briar-Rose, who she shares with partner Hayden Christensen.


But the stylish 35-year-old did recently give a very small insight into her life as a mum in a recent social media post.

She revealed that she has… dun dun DUUUN… mum nails!

Wait - what?

As Rachel shared a snap of a lovely pinky-finger ring, she also inadvertently showed off her fingernails, and tagged her post with the caption "#momnails #dontjudge” ?

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Rachel’s nails appear to be pretty short, unpainted, and we *guess* un-manicured. Though we have to say they look perfectly fine to us ?

But the post and its hashtag seemed to resonate, with one fellow mum even commenting: "At least they don't have like dirt or a booger on the tip of your finger nail!!!! ???"

Here at MFM HQ, Rachel's post really got us thinking about, well, our nails.

For some of the mums on the team, it’s all about practicality: clipped short, no polish, cuticles all over the place. That means no snags, less chance of dirt getting under there and no chipped polish... which we gotta say is pretty much a given when you’re cleaning up/picking up/running around after a little one all day long.

Though it wasn’t always that way for a few MFM team members - some of whom had quite long natural nails pre-parenthood, or had a bit more time to paint them (and let them dry properly).

However, other mums on our team definitely make it a point to keep their nails filed and freshly painted, if not treating themselves to a full-blown manicure or even going for false ones.

Simply because it's something they prioritise, or because manicure = a little time to themselves ?

But what about you?

We really want to hear from you on this one…

Did your nail care routine change when you became a mum - did you go from glammed-up nails to just-about-clean ones? Or long nails to short?

Perhaps you’ve always been set on minimum fuss or a fortnightly shellac and that hasn’t changed at all since becoming a parent?

Let us know your thoughts (and share your nail pics!) over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Images: Instagram/Rachel Bilson

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