Rachel McAdams has a baby bump!

Canadian actress looks heavily pregnant – but it’s all for a new movie (darn!)


The MFM office loves a good celeb pregnancy, but, unfortunately, although her huge bump says otherwise, we won’t be adding Rachel McAdams to our list just yet.


Rachel, 33, known for big screen parts in The Notebook and the Sherlock Holmes films, sported a fake baby bump on set in London’s Notting Hill. It’s rumoured the film is to be called About Time and Rachel will play the familiar role of a time-traveller’s love interest.

The actress was later spotted without the bump, suggesting we’ll see Rachel’s character at different times in her life.

We think Rachel looks rather at home with a bump, seen holding her hands below her protruding tummy. We wonder what partner Michael Sheen, 43, makes of it all? Will the film make the couple think it’s about time for a baby? Watch this space…


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