Rachel Stevens reveals ‘very special blend’ for fighting chickenpox

Mum Rachel shares how she has been tackling daughter Amelie’s ‘many pox’


Rachel Stevens has found herself in the middle of a very scratchy issue – chickenpox.


Rachel, 34, asked both her Twitter followers and a local pharmacist for tips to tackle, what she described as, daughter Amelie’s “many pox”.

With all the advice she received, Rachel came up with a trio of treatments to soothe her little girl. Rachel tweeted, “I smell of a mix of bicarbonate of soda, neem oil and calamine oil… very special blend!”

The former S Club 7 singer later swapped to just neem oil in the bath before admitting, “I just went to put the milk in the oven… I need my bed!”

Luckily for Amelie, who turns 2 in November, Rachel later tweeted, “Music group time for us… doc said pox aren’t catching anymore… we are aloud (sic) out, whoop!!!”

Do you have any home remedies for chickenpox? Let us know below…


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