Rachel Weisz: “Motherhood makes me want to scream!”

Actress talks about the not-so-glamorous side of being a mum

With her swanky, well-travelled lifestyle and millions in the bank, it’s hard to believe that Academy Award winning actress Rachel Weisz suffers from the everyday stresses of motherhood!


The About A Boy star has revealed that all isn’t so perfect in her day-to-day life as mum to 3-year-old Henry. “I think one of the things that mothers aren’t allowed to talk about enough to one another…are the times when you’re pulling your hair out at home with the kids. Those moments when everything is crashing in and you feel like you’re going to scream,” Rachel told Redbook magazine.

Refreshingly honest, the 39-year-old also believes that mums put too much pressure on themselves. “It doesn’t make us less good or less human, just real. I think there is too much pressure on us to be perfect parents, to be empathetic and loving all the time.”


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