RAF dad travels 4,000 miles to make it to son’s Nativity play

The Three Wise Men have nothing on dad who treks from Kenya to Stafford to see his son at Christmas


Senior aircraftsman Matthew Lancaster, 31, endured a six-hour airport delay, M6 traffic jams and a 4,000 mile two-day trip to get to his son’s Nativity in Stafford. Now that’s a journey…take note, The Wise Men!


Callum, 7, had no idea his dad was going to make it and was busy pretending to witness a miracle birth when his very own Christmas miracle happened. Arriving in full uniform, dad Matthew stunned Callum as he took his place next to mum Natalie to watch the show.

Half the mums ended up in tears, according to Matthew, but Callum remained very professional before having a big hug with his dad.

Poor baby Jesus, what with dads biting off each other’s fingers and angels singing out of tune he’s hardly ever the star of the show anymore!


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