Real men don’t hug? Whatever, get with the times!

After John Prescott spoke of his regret at being a “detached” dad who couldn’t bring himself to hug his children, Mail journalist Roger Lewis has claimed that real men don’t hug!


Daily Mail journalist Roger Lewis has voiced his belief that real men don’t hug.


In an article for the MailOnline, Roger said, “I hate the way you see grown men these days embracing their offspring so fulsomely and publicly, clapping them on the back, squeezing them tight…

“[It] makes me puke. I bet all this hugging came in when everyone started to get divorced and fathers only have access to their brood on alternate weekends. They feel they have to over-compensate, smothering their children to make up for the fact they have run off with younger versions of the children’s mother.”

Roger’s comments follow former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s revelation that he can’t bring himself to hug his children.

Lord Prescott said that although he has “two brilliant sons and I love them to death,” it is to his enormous regret he still can’t bring himself “to put my arms round them.”

However, Roger Lewis, throughout his anti-cuddling rant, praised Lord Prescott for his strictly hands-off parenting style.

Roger said, “What are these people who kiss and hug their children trying to prove? I think it is suffocating and clinging. It implies an equality between parent and child. This is a huge mistake…

“Keep putting your arms around them, you’ll never be able to give them a salutary boot up the backside.”

Roger’s Victorian-style parenting is an idea we thought was dead and buried. We think he needs to get with the times (last time we checked it was 2012) and spread the love a little!

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