Real parents reveal nappy changing dramas

How wriggling babies and wee in the face cause changing mat chaos!


It’s a scenario ripe for calamity – taking one wriggly baby with limited experience in bathroom etiquette, then attempt to seamlessly change his compromised nappy for a fresh one – often in less than ideal surroundings.


Given all of this, it comes as no surprise that when asked by a recent survey British parents had plenty to say about the trials and tribulations of the changing mat.

Speaking to over 1,000 Tesco Loves Baby Mum’s Choice members, researchers found that 52% of parents argue about changing nappies every day, which when you consider the poll’s other revelations, seems rather fitting.

Many parents’ suspicion of nappy duty seems to stem from a lack of confidence, with 37% admitting they didn’t know how to change a nappy before their child was born, and 65% admitting they struggle with it as their baby is far too wriggly.

Some dealt with a squirmy small fry by providing some light entertainment, with 29% singing to their child, while 50% of parents went for speed and boasted of their ability to complete a full change in two minutes flat.

Then came the less savoury admissions, with 60% of mums and dads having been involved in a poo or wee related drama – during which 24% admitted they had to wipe wee from their faces.

We hear it’s actually very good for the complexion, so silver linings and all that…?!


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