Rebecca Adlington expecting her own little water baby!

Olympic swimming star reveals pregnancy and water birth plans


Rebecca Adlington has confirmed that she and her husband Harry Needs are expecting their first baby in June next year.


The recently-married 25-year-old swimming champ told Hello! magazine that their forthcoming bundle of joy must have been conceived just a day into their honeymoon 3 months ago!

Her husband joked to the mag that they were not the Beckhams though, and would not be naming their first-born after the city they were holidaying in. “We won’t be calling the baby Venice,” he laughed.

Unsurprisingly, Rebecca said that she hopes to have a water birth. But the swimmer, who appeared in I’m A Celebrity… in 2013, also acknowledged that as a first time mum she couldn’t make too many firm plans.

“A few friends have recommended it,” she said. “I would like the birth to be as natural as possible, but you can’t really plan it, can you?”

The couple have already had their first scan, and Rebecca said it was a ‘relief’ to see their little one’s heartbeat.

“Thank goodness everything is OK,” she said, adding: “I think you feel such a responsibility as the woman because you are the one looking after the baby. So Harry was more excited but I was more nervous.”

Good luck Rebecca and Harry!  

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