Rebekah Vardy’s super honest post-baby tummy pic

3 months after welcoming her 4th child, WAG Rebekah silences the trolls who called her ‘huge'


We see a lot of relatable post-baby body pics here at MFM – mostly from Instagrammers, bloggers and ‘regular’ mums just like us.


But this honest shot of mum Rebekah Vardy is a little bit different. Because, well, she’s a celeb, for one.

Rebekah, best known to the public as the wife of Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, posed for this pic as a way to silence trolls who expected her body to immediately ‘snap back’ to her pre-baby days.

The 30-something mum, who welcomed her 4th child just 3 months ago, wore grey Calvin Klein underwear for the sweet shot, which shows her lifting up baby Finley.

And yes, 4 children in, you can see she doesn’t have abs so washboard you could bounce a coin off ‘em. Shock horror ???

In our eyes, it’s obvious that Rebekah looks fab here.

But her not being afraid to show that little bit of loose skin is something that can be reassuring for us mere mortals.

What’s not so reassuring, though? Her having to deal with people trying to shame her because of it. ?

“People were on Twitter saying that my thighs were fat, saying they couldn’t believe Jamie was with me because I was so huge,” She told The Sun.

“I’d just given birth, I looked normal. And I have had lots of abuse since then.

“I think I look pretty good for a woman who gave birth in January, and Jamie thinks so too.

“I’m proud of what my body has achieved. I carried all my children for nine months and my body changed constantly to provide for them.

“Women who’ve just given birth should not be made to feel ugly.”

All we have to say to that is: here, here ?

No matter what your post-baby body looks like – whether you snapped back, are far from it or fall somewhere in between – you should never be made to feel bad for it.

Because your body has just done the most amazing thing. And that, well, that should make you feel pretty damn good ?

Images: FameFlynet

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