A recent snap of Jools Oliver, taken 4 weeks after giving birth to her 5th child River Rocket, has caused a bit of a… thing on social media.


The Little Bird fashion designer shared a lovely snap of herself wearing a loose white tee, navy drawstring trousers and a pair of sandals, and it's sparked quite the reaction:

“Thank you to the fab girls @aceandjig finally 'almost' fitting into these gorgeous trousers so comfy post little baby and beyond @nadianarain think we have finally found our perfect trousers ❤️ xxx” she wrote beside the pic.

We reckon it’s obvious what Jools is saying in this comment: not that she’s SOOOO happy she’s ‘bounced back’ and ‘look at me I’m so slim!’, but she’s simply found some comfy drawstring trousers to wear, and she’s grateful to (or probs obliged to thank) the company that sent them to her.

She obviously looks lovely – there’s no denying that. But it seems that media coverage around the photo - one newspaper headline had Jools back in "skinny" trousers after "just FOUR weeks" - has sparked a bit of debate.

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One commenter on Instagram felt the picture wasn’t helpful to women who struggle with their weight while pregnant:

“Just saw a newspaper article about this photo and thought I'd come on here to comment (I dont usually comment on such things!)

“I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. And every minute of every day I'm scrutinising my weight etc...pictures like this by naturally slim women DO NOT help!

“How is this supposed to help other women in the same situation who don't snap back so quickly? @joolsoliver”

Another said: “Think problem is people get pissed at celebs popping bk in2 shape ASAP.”

It’s not nice that this picture upset someone, but do we really know that Jools has "popped back" into shape. The picture shows her wearing a loose top, along with non skin-tight trousers that appear to have drawstring waist (a godsend, right?)

Or maybe she has lost it all. Maybe it's not the image but it's the ‘just FOUR weeks’ headlines that make us feel a bit glum if we haven’t quite achieved the same – but Jools didn’t write those.

Fans were fast to stop this commenter’s line of thinking in its tracks:

“Is @joolsoliver supposed to hide herself away because you are not feeling confident in yourself? Perhaps you should be bonding with your child instead of trawling the internet for pics of celebs! For the record, @joolsoliver is naturally beautiful and is a picture of health!"

Here is something the MFM team have noticed over the years: Some women just lose the weight naturally, and others never do. Some work really hard to get it off, and some, no matter how much they work, just can’t. It’s quick for some; it’s a real slog for others. Some don’t really care, and embrace their new bodies.

Whatever way you end up going - that's OK! We really want to champion ‘mumbods’ and ‘pre-baby bods’ and basically all kinds of bods. All of them do something miraculous when carrying a child and giving birth.

And we still think it’s helpful to see mums of all shapes and sizes sharing their post-baby body snaps so we can all feel assured that we're, well, normal.

But even though she’s a sleb-type, it’s not Jools’ personal responsibility to ensure the rest of us are happy with our lot - she’s not exactly showing off ? here, and she certainly can’t hide under a rock.

It’s her Instagram, and can she post what she wants ?

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Images: Instagram/Jools Oliver

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