For most of us (though not all, we totally get that) it can take a fair while to lose the weight you put on after you've had a baby.


In fact, some of us never really lose the 'baby' fat we gain and learn to accept that our body's carried a human being inside it and therefore it's pretty inevitable that it'll change in some ways.

That definitely seems to be the attitude of mum-of-4 and singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who shared on Instagram how, on a recent night out with hubby Richard Jones, someone mistook her for being pregnant, even though her youngest boy is 7 months old.

"When@richardjonesface and I went out the other night, I wore quite a tight frock. I considered wearing stupid underwear to make me look trimmer but I decided not to as a) I wanted to be comfy and b) I don't mind the shape I'm in.

"Later that eve a lady thought I was pregnant. Obviously, not thrilling, but just to say: I don't mind that 7 months after a baby, that happened.

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"Hey this is what it looks like when you've had a baby sometimes (not to pass any judgement on those mums who go back to their former shape quicker). I've had 4 kids. I don't have a flat tummy. This is OK."


As you can imagine, Sophie's fans were quick to support her comment on Instagram - in particular the other mums. One said:

"Perfect comment. I feel like this after 2 babies, let alone 4!! Nice one xx"

Another shared a similar story:

"That happened to me when my little one was 7 months....first post pregnancy yoga class and the instructor asked me in front if everyone, mortifying!

"You look amazing and your attitude is inspiring ???"

We agree - nice one, Sophie - what a gracious and honest response ?

Did you ever get asked if you were pregnant after giving birth? How did you respond? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Images: Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Instagram / Photoshot

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