Everywhere kids look these days there are women with thigh gaps, pert boobs, flat tums and perfect skin.


So it stands to reason that the media-approved image of beauty is the one that little girls compare themselves to and little boys learn is the standard.

But a photographer mum who says she is “fiercely passionate about bodies” is now trying to change that by starting the Humans Uncensored Project – and sharing pictures of real women’s bodies on the internet.

"I would rather my children see me nude, with a two finger width of muscle separation on my belly, no thigh gap and nipples down to my belly button than to create an illusion of a perfect body from social media and what society sells us with women’s extorted bodies,” Lacey Barratt from Victoria, Australia said.

And above is the self portrait of her tum that kicked off the campaign.

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Sharing the image on Facebook, she commented: “I have grown 3 humans. My body has stretched and opened 3 times to birth them. I have not slept in approximately 5 years. My breasts have nourished 3 humans for various amounts of time. I am human.

"I dream about boob jobs, tummy tucks, and long hot showers alone. One day, I will sleep all night...on my stomach. My self worth is not defined by how many clothes I wear. My self respect does not hinge on having a perfect body. My relationship with God is not determined by modesty. I am woman.”

But it was Kim Kardashian’s most-recent nude selfie – and the mixed reaction it got that first encouraged Lacey to share the below nude selfie of herself online.

“Neither one of these images are sexual. Just two women's bodies at two very different times in their post partum walks,” she wrote.

Before long, Lacey had her first volunteer model, who posed in nude underwear with her 2 children.

Sharing the image, Lacey commented: “I find myself getting ready to leave for places. Looking in the mirror, putting on makeup, checking myself out. Silently judging.

"Whilst I am self absorbed in myself...I fail to realise my preteen is staring at me from the open bathroom door. She is watching me, my body language, my facial expressions and judging me judge myself. It is hard to remember that my children are sponges..and what I put out to them, they take it all in....”


Lacey now has big plans for The Humans Uncensored Project and wants to feature lots of different women - and men.

To get involved, you can share images on social media with the hashtag #humansuncensored.

Photos: Instagram / Lacey Barratt Photography

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