It was the launch of the new series of Big Brother last night - an event which also doubled as host Emma Willis’ return to work after having her 3rd child.


Little Trixie was born on 4 May, meaning the mum of 3 gave birth less than 5 weeks ago.

And of course, as you can see in the above picture, Emma looked fab. She always does!

So, this morning, when we spotted this headline about her post-baby body… we thought it was very interesting, and definitely worth discussing.

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The one bit that stood out to us was: 'She's no Big Mother!'

It’s obvious that the headline - used by a UK newspaper’s website - is a play on the name of the show, Big Brother.

Here at MFM HQ, we all appreciate a good pun. We’re also fairly certain that’s all it is – a funny play on words. The article itself is very nice and complimentary.

But it did leave us wondering… what if Emma didn't, or couldn't, ‘snap back’ into shape the way many celeb mums are expected to?

Obviously then, the same pun isn't appropriate. Let’s be honest: ‘She's a Big Mother’ wouldn’t have gone down so well, and for good reason.

But just because Emma isn’t ‘big’ - does that mean the phrasing is still OK? It kind of implies that being a ‘big’ mother just a few weeks after giving birth is a bad thing (which it's definitely not).

What does it even matter if you are or aren’t a ‘big mother’, anyway?

Carrying and then giving birth to a child is a pretty damn impressive thing for a body to do. Pregnancy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and women either lose (or don’t lose) their baby weights at different rates, depending on their own individual preferences and circumstances.

We know that many new mums – celeb or otherwise – DO feel pressure to return to their pre-baby weight quickly. It’s something the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and more of Hollywood’s elite have spoken out about in the past.

JLo admitted: “I worked out a lot. I struggled to get rid of the last 20lbs. I had to change my eating habits but I eat a lot less than I used to."

And Drew Barrymore described her post-baby body as a "kangaroo with a giant pouch".

Just recently, Giovanna Fletcher was shocked when a complete stranger commented: 'Oh look, Mummy's still got her tummy' about her - just 11 DAYS after she'd given birth. Yes, really.

So, however harmless it may seem, little comments like this could potentially add to that pressure, couldn't they?

What do you think?

Don’t get us wrong… we realise we’ve posed a lot of questions (without answers) here, and that we may be totally over-thinking something really quite innocent.

But we are curious to know what you think – do you see headlines like these as a problem? Did this one catch your eye at all?

Did you feel pressure to lose your baby weight fast and if so, why?

If you’ve got an opinion, definitely let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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