Why Emma Willis won’t be taking maternity leave

The mum of 2 is pregnant with her 3rd child


There’s been a lot of talk about how much time parents take off work when having a baby recently.


From Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer being criticised for taking just 2 weeks’ maternity leave to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg being praised for taking 2 months of paternity leave – it seems everyone’s got an opinion on what the right amount of time off is.

And now Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis has revealed she’s not planning to take any official maternity leave when she gives birth to her 3rd child later this year.

And no, she’s not roping a nanny in to help – instead she’s planning to get her parents to move in.

The 39-year-old already has two children, Isabelle, 6, and Ace, 4, with husband Matt. She’s due to present The Voice later this year and hopes her baby will arrive just after the show finishes – so she’ll have a few months before the next Big Brother kicks off in June.

‘I reckon the baby will come after The Voice ends and before Big Brother starts, so that should be OK,” she told The Sun. “Matt will be on tour [with Busted], so it’s going to be busy. My parents are hopefully going to move in to help.”

But even though it’ll be a busy time with both her and Matt at work she’s taking a laid-back approach to welcoming her third child. “We’re just going to crack on with it to be honest. I really can’t wait,” she said.

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