Recession hits Tooth Fairy’s pocket

Current economic downturn sees Tooth Fairy giving less per tooth.


The average price of a tooth has dropped 6% this year, from £1.22 in 2008 to £1.15 in 2009, according to the third annual Tooth Fairy Index, released today by Child Trust Fund provider The Children’s Mutual.


The recession will see the Tooth Fairy give away £1.3 million less this year. Now, 24% of parents are happy to pay less than average for a tooth, believing this will help their children understand the value of money.

The Children’s Mutual’s Tooth Fairy Index also reveal children in Northern Ireland have the most expensive teeth, with a whopping average of £1.44 per tooth. And more than one in 10 in Northern Ireland receive at least £5 for each tooth!

The children of the Midlands are feeling the credit crunch the most, with an average cost per tooth of £1.01 being recorded.


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