Regular exercise during pregnancy prevents emergency caesarians

Exercising regularly during pregnancy could lessen the need for a caesarian birth according to scientists


As well as reducing the likelihood of having to have emergency surgery, regular exercise can also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnancy and pritect your baby from health problems later in life.


It has been reported in the MailOnline that C-sections now constitute about 25 per cent of births in England and Wales, or over 190,000 a year – more than double the proportion in 1980.

Also, previous studies have shown that babies delivered by caesarean may be missing out on exposure to protective bacteria that could help their immune system to mature and prevent a host of disorders, such as infections and asthma. They are also more prone to childhood obesity and developing diabetes.

The MailONline has reported that Dr Jonatan Ruiz, of Granada University in Spain, said: ‘The findings reinforce the need to encourage more supervised exercise interventions during pregnancy to combat the negative effects of gestational diabetes mellitus.’  

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