Relieved mum speaks out after her baby survives train collision

“I thought I’d lost my child,” says mum of baby who fell under train


The mum of the 6 month old baby who rolled off a train platform in his buggy towards a speeding train has spoken of her ordeal.


“I thought I’d lost my child, who I love more than anyone or anything else. All I could think was how to find him and see how he was. It was a life and death fear,” Shweta Verma, 29, told an Australian magazine.

CCTV footage of the shocking incident on a station platform in Melbourne showed Shweta in despair as her baby’s buggy was dragged 30 yards down the track by the train. “I had the brake on, but as the train approached, I began preparing myself. I took the brake off and my hands left the pram for a fraction of a second, and suddenly it was flying off the platform,” she explained.

For the split second Shweta took to adjust her trousers, the force of the train passing by caused the buggy to fly forward. “There was a downward slope of the platform and it rolled away so quickly, I couldn’t catch it.”

Luckily, a fellow passenger waiting for the train jumped onto the tracks to find the baby, “I’m so indebted to him,” the relieved mum said. Shaken baby Saurish was pulled off the tracks safely and miraculously survived with a bump on the head!


“I was crying. He was still crying but he seemed to know ‘I’m OK now, I’m in my mother’s arms’”, recalled Shweta.


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