Remember that song ‘MMMBop’ by Hanson?


The catchy pop track and the trio of long-blonde-haired brothers behind it (above) were pretty inescapable in 1997.

Well, now it’s 2016, almost 20 years later, and the youngest of the brothers, Zac Hanson (on the right), is now 30.

He's also just welcomed his 4th child!

People magazine exclusively revealed that Zac’s wife Kate gave birth to a little girl, Mary Lucille Diana Hanson, on 6 August 2016. Such a classic name!

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It seems that friends and family will call the baby Lucille - as it’s apparently a Hanson family tradition to go by middle names.

Lucille’s siblings include Junia Rose Ruth, 5, George Abraham Walker, 2, and 8-year-old John Ira Shepard.

Proud new dad Zac told the mag: “It is such an inspiration to meet her and to imagine all of the adventures we will take together as a family of six.”


But if Lucille ever fancies mixing it up, she’ll have plenty of cousins to play with, as 35-year-old Hanson brother Isaac is a dad of 3, and 33-year-old Taylor is a dad of 5.

That’s a lot to process, so just to be clear: the boys of Hanson are all in their 30s, and between them have 12 kids!

Time flies, doesn’t it? ?

Anyway, we’re sure Lucille and all the Hanson kids will get a real kick out of their dads’ most famous and well-loved track when they’re a bit older!

Here's a recent rendition just as a reminder... ?

Congrats to the growing family - and to People, for our new favourite pun, ‘MMM-Tot’!

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